The Centre for Photographic Conservation - Photographic Processes, Preservation, Conservation, Photography Connoisseurship and History Course Programme

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The Centre for Photographic Conservation - Photographic Processes, Preservation, Conservation, Photography Connoisseurship and History Course Programme

Career and Professional Development Courses in 2023 at

The Centre for Photographic Conservation


The Centre has for over 40 years responded to the needs of fellow professionals offering a programme of courses and workshops on aspects of the preservation and conservation of historic photographs. Regretfully The Centre is unable to host a programme of in person courses in 2023. However in conjunction with Conserve Photography Ltd, we are now offering online teaching courses. The first course we have released focusses in depth on the Degradation of Photographic Materials.

The Centre's career and professional development courses have offered conservators and other heritage professionals specialist training in this challenging field; enabling them to hone and upgrade their knowledge of current developments and techniques. Our online teaching courses are presented by Ian L. Moor who communicates his knowledge, expertise and passion in such a way as to bring alive the history and diversity of photography whilst still fully addressing the 21st Century problems of preserving and conserving this evocative and transient medium. His approach can not fail to stimulate participants to a deeper understanding of, and professional growth in this demanding discipline and enrich the learning experience.


Not only are the course video modules full of the theory and explanation of the Degradation of Photographic Materials they are extensively illustrated with high quality 4K visual examples from The Centre's unique photographic image collection. Giving you long-term access to your own reference library of content and examples.

An understanding of the causes of degradation and their manifestation in historic photographs is fundamental to and impacts every aspect of our interaction with photographs; their identification and preservstion including housing, storage environment, handling, usage and exhibition.

In contrast to our in-person teaching courses where attendance at The Centre is a requirement, you can participate in these online courses from your own home or work environment. You'll be able to follow the course at a pace that suits you, pausing or repeating a module as often as you wish and without incurring travel or accommodation expenses.


Ian Moor and Angela Moor have been sharing their knowledge and skills with fellow heritage professionals since 1981.

Please do keep the feedback coming, as we continue to expand upon and add to our first course, and consider what other courses we might offer in the coming year.

Whilst the courses at The Centre are intensive the 'Moors' still manage to maintain a friendly, enjoyable and informal atmosphere.

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The Centre also offers heritage and business institutions the opportunity to train their personnel In-house. Professional development training courses both practical or theoretical are offered in all aspects of the preservation and conservation of photographic materials, disaster preparedness, recovery and rehabilitation techniques and procedures, and enable collectors or collections managers in both the public and private sectors to more accurately identify local, geographic and in-house needs. In-house training courses are structured and tailored to your individual needs, taking advantage of economies of scale and can be scheduled in appropriate time slots.

The Centre is able to offer lectures or lecture programmes on the History and Social History of Photography and on all aspects of Photographic Preservation, Conservation and Restoration, including the handling and storage of family genealogical collections.

Please contact The Centre for more information and to discuss your requirements.

Course tutors Ian L. Moor and Angela H. Moor.

The Centre for Photographic Conservation was established by Ian and Angela Moor whose knowledge and experience in photographic conservation, in the history and processes of photography coupled with aesthetic appreciation, ethical approach and skill have earned them a deserved international reputation in the field of photographic conservation. The Moors have been running courses on aspects of photographic preservation and conservation since 1981.

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