The Centre for Photographic Conservation

Photographic Conservation and Restoration Services, Consultants, Professional Development Trainers and Researchers

"Serving the Heritage Community for over forty seven years"

Vision statement and objectives of The Centre for Photographic Conservation;

    To establish a centre of conservation excellence with an ongoing programme of conservation
    and a commitment to the continued development of preservation and conservation techniques
    for photographic materials.

    To work towards establishing international standards and ethical guidelines for the preservation, conservation and restoration treatment, storage and exhibition of photographic materials.

    To pursue an active educational programme through; internships, in-person workshops and courses, online courses, lectures, seminars, conferences and publications.

    To pursue an ongoing programme of allied research into original historic process and material technologies.

    To promote photography in all its diverse forms as an art-form, a socio-historic document
    and a cultural artefact.

The Centre for Photographic Conservation
233 Stanstead Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 1HU, England, UK.
Telephone 0208-690 3678 - email: or

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